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A new way to save on groceries & gas.

Every 50 perks you earn gets you a $1 reward

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Level up to Pro today!

Activate your digital benefits by 3/31/21 and you will be placed into the Pro tier of myPerks and enjoy the Pro benefits of the program until 6/30/21.*

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earn 2500 perks to join
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1.5 perks per $1 spent 50% more
3 perks per gallon 50% more
1 year perk expiration
3x perks on Xtra Perk Days
myPerks Member
No cost to join
1 perk per $1 spent
2 perks per gallon
90 day perk expiration
2x perks on Xtra Perk Days

*Activate your digital benefits by 3/31/21 and you will be placed into the Pro tier of myPerks and enjoy the pro benefits of the program until 6/30/21. On 7/1/21, you must have earned the required 2,500 perks during the earning period (1/1/21-6/30/21) to remain in myPerks Pro. If you do not earn the required 2,500 perks your myPerksPro account will revert to a myPerksMember account.

Get more with myPerks digital benefits

More ways to earn perks and save money when you activate your digital benefits!

Up to 25% off!
Save big with myPerks Deals

Get personalized savings only available to myPerks members.​

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Xtra Perk Days
Earn up to 3X Perks
Multiply your perks on Xtra Perk Days

Earn 2X, 3X or more perks on special days throughout the year.

View upcoming events
Perks Challenges
Earn up to 500 perks
Complete Perks Challenges

Unlock fun shopping challenges to earn even more perks and rewards.

Learn more about challenges
Receive 100 bonus perks
Get a Birthday Bonus

Celebrate your birthday with the gift of bonus perks!

Every 50 perks you earn gets you a $1 reward.

Redeem your rewards for dollars off your total grocery or gas purchases.

Earn Perks

Redeem dollar rewards.

Your perks now add up to dollar rewards you can redeem for dollars off your total grocery and gas purchases.

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Extended expiration
Keep your perks for up to a year.
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Earn when you redeem
You now earn perks on purchases even when you redeem your rewards.
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No gallon limit on fuel
Redeem rewards on as many gallons as you want!
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See how the perks stack up with myPerks


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myPerks member
myPerks member
myPerks Pro
Your reward at every 50 perks
2% or 10¢ off
$1 off
$1 off
Earn perks for every dollar spent
1 Perk
1 Perk
1.5 Perks*
Earn perks on every gallon at GetGo
2 Perks
2 Perks
3 Perks
Earn perks for filling qualifying* prescriptions
5 Perk
5 Perk
10 Perks
Minimum expiration
60 Days
90 Days
365 Days
Xtra Perk days
2 Days
5 Days
Earn and redeem on the same purchase
Perks Challenges
myPerks Deals
50% more bonus perks

*Restrictions apply. Must scan Advantage Card. The myPerks program is not available in all markets. Perks cannot be earned or redeemed on select items and items as prohibited by law, and cannot be redeemed for gift cards. Perks are not earned on state and federally funded prescription purchases, excluding out-of-pocket pharmacy totals. It may take up to 48 hours for all perks to be added to appear on your account.

Frequently asked questions

The Program

Why did you create myPerks?
How do I participate in myPerks?
How do I earn perks?
How do I redeem rewards?
Does it cost anything to join myPerks?
Can I still use my Advantage Card with myPerks?
How long do I have to redeem myPerks?
What is the best way to keep track of my perks?
What is my "earning and membership period?"
Will I be able to keep the perks I earned in fuelperks+?
Which prescriptions are not eligible to earn perks?
Can I still earn and redeem perks on fuel transactions at GetGo?
What happens if I am in myPerks but I shop at a store that doesn’t have myPerks?

Tiers - Member and Pro

What is myPerksPro?
How do I join myPerksPro?
What's the difference between Member and Pro?
What happens if I don’t earn enough perks to stay in Pro and move back to Member status?
Which purchases count towards my 2,500 perk requirements to earn or maintain Pro status?

Perks Challenges

What are Perks Challenges?
Where can I find Perks Challenges?
How do I participate in challenges?
Do challenges expire?
What happens when I complete a Perks Challenge?
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