myPerks Frequently asked questions

The Program

Why did you create myPerks?
How do I participate in myPerks?
How do I earn perks?
How do I redeem rewards?
Does it cost anything to join myPerks?
Can I still use my Advantage Card with myPerks?
How long do I have to redeem myPerks?
What is the best way to keep track of my perks?
What is my "earning and membership period?"
What is myPerks Price?
Will I be able to keep the perks I earned in fuelperks+?
Which prescriptions are not eligible to earn perks?
Can I still earn and redeem perks on fuel transactions at GetGo?

Tiers - Member and Pro

What is myPerksPro?
How do I join myPerksPro?
What's the difference between Member and Pro?
What happens if I don’t earn enough perks to stay in Pro and move back to Member status?
Which purchases count towards my 2,500 perk requirement or GetGo trip to earn or maintain myPerksPro?

myPerks Play

What is myPerks Play?
How do I participate in myPerks Play?
Terms and Conditions